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Chapter Committee


Casey Warner

As a newer member Casey has proven herself a valuable asset to the team with her IT skills and innovative drive. She has stepped up into our President role and will be mentored by Steve, our VP until she learns the ropes.


Steve Shireman

As our former President, Steve is stepping into the VP role to show Casey the ropes. An avid hunter and NWTF member for many years, Steve is also a  PANWTF State Board Member.


Abbie Shireman

As an NWTF member for many years, and a PANWTF State Board Member, Abbie knows the ins and outs of the NWTF. Her attention to detail and drive is second to none!


Karen Bingaman

Karen is yet another valuable asset to the team and has been serving on our committee for years.


Other Members

Jack Bingaman

Christian Warner

We are always looking for new members to join our committee. The more people we have, the better the planning of our events each year. If you are interested in joining either the Stony Valley Chapter Committee or our WITO Committee e-mail us for more information

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